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We strive to deliver the best for every single project. Our development experience comes from working extensively with various industry focus businesses, such as health care, education, online retail, manufacturing, and professional services. BitsnBytes Dev Team helps companies ranging from startups, mid-size clients to large enterprises achieve their business goals by providing highly talented IT professionals, developers and programmers for hire. Whether you are looking to hire a dedicated developer on hourly, full-time or part-time basis, we provide experts to fit in with your specific project needs.
BitsnBytes Dev Team Secure Webmail

Secure & Private Email Hosting Service

Shirez Pars International Hotel, AirArabia Airline, Fars Yekta Agency

A secure email service is the easiest way to keep your emails private. Not only do they guarantee secure and encrypted email, they protect anonymity. BitsnBytes provides secure email services for you and your business, with encrypted communication and strong authentication and services management. All our account plans include powerful features, such as virus scanning, intelligent spam filtering, consolidation and forwarding of email, support for large messages up to 100 MB each, secure access, a fast and slick Webmail interface, access to your email via Web, POP3, IMAP, SMTP and more.

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Fars Yekta Seir Shiraz Travel Agency - Email Marketing

Simple Email Marketing & Automation Service

Fars Yekta Seir Travel Agency, AirArabia Airline

Email marketing is the best way to connect with your visitors, increase repeat visits and sales, build an engaging relationship, and convert them into customers. Choosing the best email marketing service that has all the features you need is crucial for the success of your business. Create and send modern, professional email newsletters/welcome messages to your audience with our powerful email marketing and automation tools. Build email automation flows with our drag-and-drop campaign editor. Tag leads and trigger campaigns based on the links they click and the emails they open.

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BitsnBytes Esxi Server Stack

SysAdmin - DevOps as a Service

Shirez Pars International Hotel, AirArabia Airline, Fars Yekta Agency

With over 10 years of experience in systems administration, we put together a team of IT professionals. As DevOps engineers, we understand the critical work that programmers are relied on to deliver on a daily basis. We know their code, we can identify system errors before they strike, we can make adjustments on the fly and we can fix bugs as we see them. Deploy, manage, and scale cloud applications faster and more efficiently with us. We are the professionals to trust for Linux administration, cloud deployments, virtualization, server monitoring, performance tuning and high availability.

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BitsnBytes ESET Remote Administrator Server

Pen Testing & Network Protection as a Service

Pars International Hotel, Iran Kids Kindergarten, Fars Yekta Agency

Network security is the combination of measures and activities that protect networks, servers, computers and resources attached to them from unauthorized access, misuse, modification or denial of service. Online criminals are skilled at infiltrating home and business networks for profit. Their schemes range from stealing personal identities and information such as bank account numbers to encrypting your computer files and preventing you from opening them until you pay a ransom. We specialize in manual penetration testing for web applications, APIs and fixing vulnerabilities.

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